Step by step Guide for DV-2019 (1/4)

=== Please come back here on October 3, 2017! ===

Step 1. Read the instructions from A to Z – here

Step 2. Prepare the photos, for you and all your family members that you will add on your application – read here, here and here. Your entry may be disqualified or visa refused if the photographs were not taken within the last six months! Do not submit an old photograph. Submitting the same photograph that was submitted with a prior year’s entry will result in disqualification.

Step 3.(optional) Validate your photo – If you are not sure if your photo meets the compositional specifications, read here.

The Welcome Page

Step 4. When you log on to during the registration period, you will see the Welcome Page for AES.


You can click the following links:

DV-YYYY Instructions: This link opens a separate Internet browser window containing detailed instructions for the current DV lottery year, including who is eligible to enter the lottery, a list of all the information you will need in order to complete the Entry Form, how to properly compose the required photographs for submission, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions. To avoid having your entry disqualified, read and follow these instructions carefully.

Photo Tool: Prior to filling out the Entry Form, use this link to check that the photographs you intend to submit with your entry will be accepted by the system. You cannot submit your photographs via this link; this is only to verify that your photographs are valid.

Begin Entry: This link will open the Authentication Code page. You will have to successfully enter the code in order to access the Entry Form. – (DV Entrant Status Check) This link will take you to the ESC Web site where lottery applicants can check to see whether their entry was selected for further processing. The instructions include guidelines for which DV lottery years may check their status, and the date range they may check their status.

Entering the Authentication Code

Completing the Authentication Code Page

You must enter the code you see on this page to submit your Entry Form.

To enter the displayed code:

1. In the text field, enter the characters you see displayed and click Submit.
2. If you are having trouble reading the characters, do one of the following:

botdetectcaptcharefreshClick Refresh to display a new code. Enter the characters in the text field and click Submit.

botdetectcaptchasoundClick Speaker to hear an audio clip of the characters. Enter the characters in the text field and click Submit.

When you click Submit after entering the correct characters, the online Entry Form will open, via a secure connection, by which you will submit your application and photographs. You will have up to 60 minutes to submit your Entry Form from the time you click Begin Entry. You cannot fill out the form offline, and you cannot fill out only part of the form and complete the rest later. For this reason, it is very important that prior to clicking this link, you do the following: (1) read the DV Entry Instructions and gather all the information you will need, and (2) use the Photo Tool to verify that your photographs will be accepted.

To enter the displayed code:

1. Click Cancel Entry.
The Confirm Cancellation page is displayed.
2. Click Confirm Cancellation to discard your Entry Form. The information you filled out will not be saved. If you decide to enter the DV lottery later, you will have to fill out the Entry Form again.


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