Step by step Guide for DV-2018 (4/4)

Chapter 4 – Submitting and Confirming the Entry Form
Submitting a Completed Entry Form

Enter the DV Lottery

Once you have completed Part One – Entrant Information if you have no spouse or children, and Part Two – Derivatives if you have a spouse or children, click Submit to preview the entire completed form.

To submit your entry to the DV lottery:

1. Review the completed Entry Form.
2. Do one of the following:

– If you need to make changes, click Go Back to Part 1 to edit the Entrant Information form, or click Go Back to Part 2 to edit the Derivatives form, as appropriate. Do not use your Internet browser’s Back button.
– If you don’t want to submit your entry at this time, click Cancel the Entry. The information you filled out will not be saved. If you decide to enter the DV lottery later, you will have to fill out the Entry Form again.
– If you are ready to submit your Entry Form, first print the form for your records using your Internet browser’s Print icon. Then click Continue.

The Submission Confirmation: Entry Received Page

Verifying That Your Entry Was Received

Once your Entry Form has been successfully submitted to the DV lottery, you will see the Submission Confirmation: Entry Received page.


Note: This page includes vital information that you must save so you can later check the status of your Entry Form. Either print this page using your Internet browser’s Print icon or make a note of the information for your records.

Entrant Name: The name of the primary Entrant, arranged by Last/Family Name, First Name Middle Name.

Confirmation Number: You must keep your Confirmation Number in order to check the status of your Entry after the lottery selection process has been completed.

Year of Birth: Birth year of the primary Entrant.

Digital Signature: This series of numbers and letters is automatically generated after you click the final Continue to submit your entry. You will need this signature only in the event that a dispute arises over your Entry Form.

DV-2018 Entrants should keep their confirmation number until September 30, 2018.